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Ellen Byerrum

Author of the Crime of Fashion Mysteries

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I write the Crime of Fashion mystery series, published by New American Library/Signet, which is now NAL/Obsidian Mysteries. My mystery novels include Killer Hair, Designer Knockoff, Hostile Makeover, Raiders of the Lost Corset, Grave Apparel, Armed and Glamorous, Shot Through Velvet, Death on Heels, and my very newest book, Veiled Revenge.Two of my books were filmed by the Lifetime Movie Network, and they're also available in e-books, foreign editions, big print, and one has even inspired a video game. Check my website for details.

My protagonist is Lacey Smithsonian, a fiesty female reporter who's been reluctantly saddled with the fashion beat in Washington, D.C., a.k.a. "The City Fashion Forgot." Lacey has a nose for nuance, a knack for untangling mysteries, and a knockout working wardrobe of great vintage suits and killer heels. I'm also a produced and published playwright and a working Washington reporter, and I hold a private investigator's registration in Virginia. I blog about my books, my heroine Lacey Smithsonian, the mysterious art and craft of the mystery novel, my life as a mystery writer, journalist and playwright, and whatever catches my eye and ear.

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